Whiskey Tango Fondo Coming Spring 2023

Still out riding at Unbound Gravel, hoping to finish? Maybe wishing it wasn’t quite so long? I’ve got one for you next year, but it’s not a race. What Phil’s Fondo did to Gran Fondos, we’re doing to gravel in Independence, CA. Don’t expect cookies—this is the Wild West. Details trickling out at whiskeytangofondo.com (join the email list) or follow on instagram.

Phil’s Tour of California – May 16-22

Join for the week, the day, or just an hour. THIS RIDE IS NO CHARGE BUT SELF- SUPPORTED and self-paced. We’ll ride a friendly speed, but bring a friend and be prepared to change your own flats, book your hotels, transport your own gear, find your own water, etc.

Start your own fundraising campaign here:
Please to donate as much as you can to http://join.nokidhungry.org/goto/philsfundraiser,

Our goal is to donate or raise $500 for every day that you ride.

Details: https://www.strava.com/clubs/philscookieclub